Day 51: The Long Awaited Update – It’s Working

Good morning, thanks for coming back.  To help those of you who haven’t read my previous bogs, I am 62 yrs old (had a birthday in September) and 50 pounds overweight; I’m the classic weak willed fat guy.  Having failed at all other attempts to lose weight and keep it off, I decided to go on a quest to find a weight loss program that wouldn’t require any undue effort or sacrifice.  In the end I decided to try a self hypnosis weight loss program and, after doing my research, I chose the “Hypnotize Your Body” program from Success Hypnosis.  I’m using this blog as a journal of my experience.

First of all, let me apologize for taking so long to update ya’ll on my progress with my quest for easy weight loss.  I guess, I’m kinda weak willed about making sure I keep up with my journal as well.  You deserve better and I am sorry.

Overall, I am delighted to say that my quest for easy weight loss is working very well.  As of this morning, I’m down 14 lbs and have yet to have to apply any of my weak will to stay on course.   Here are some of the tangible differences I have noticed.  Keep in mind that I haven’t consciously “tried” to make any specific changes but I do have a strong desire to get this weight off.

My choice in the things I eat have changed considerably.  Primarily, I have stopped eating all evening long and munching on crackers, chips, hot dogs or whatever else I wanted.  Oh.. and that reminds me, for those of you who are popcorn eaters, did you know that Pop Weaver, the Wal Mart brand, contains Trans Fats?  I didn’t but I have started looking more at ingredients and that jumped out at me and got me off that brand, at least, until it gets rid of them.

Anyway, I digress.  I have increased the times I choose a salad or vegetables where otherwise I might have gone for 2 or 3 bratwurst.  Even though it’s getting more normal to my conscious mind, from time to time, I still marvel at how, when I open the refrigerator or a cupboard, I just process the information differently and come up with other choices.   With every other diet I have ever tried, I would start out gangbusters but within a week or so, I would be forcing myself to make the “right choice.”  Now, I’m just making better choices naturally, without having to think to myself… “OK, I’m on this diet… what can I get away with eating now?”  The difference is refreshing and encouraging.

I am also naturally taking smaller portions.  I’m pretty sure I could eat more if I wanted to but, when I am serving myself, it just seems right when the smaller portion is served.  Again, I don’t get the feeling like I am denying myself, I just don’t want as much.  I really like this part because, being weak willed, I like to have what I want.

I did discover a couple of things on the way to getting here.  First of all, I learned that, initially at least, I need to be consistent at listening every day or virtually every day.  That’s to say, I guess missing a day every couple of weeks doesn’t matter but you want to get in the habit of listening regularly until the new behavior is solidly established.

Being weak willed, and a guy, I figured after listening for the first week or so, that I was “fixed” so I didn’t need to listen anymore.  I don’t think I’m alone in this, I think guys like me just like to think we are in charge of pretty much everything, especially our incredibly powerful brains (NOT!).  Anyway, I had noticed some pretty nice changes in my behavior so I figured that was that and decided to putting that half an hour a day to some other good use, like watching TV.   That was great for about a week, but then I noticed little by little i was beginning to backslide just a little.

I called the number of Success Hypnosis (they got a new website working, looks great) and spoke with a lady named Margo.  Turns out she is the hypnotherapist and she explained to me that, since I had spent over 60 years building and perfecting this behavior, I needed to spend more than just a few sessions changing it and securing the new one.  She assured me that, once I had gotten the reprogramming ingrained it would be permenant and I wouldn’t have to listen to these CD’s for the rest of my life.  I asked her how long I should plan on the every day thing and she suggested 60 days.  Well, being I’m a guy and I have to maintain at least a little independence, this week I am cutting back to 4 times and will reduce again next week down to 3 times.  Truthfully, I feel like the project is done and I’ve got this new me doing the eating now but, like when the Doctor tells me to make sure I take the entire series of antibiotics, I’m gonna trust Margo’s recommendations…. almost anyway.   Turns out Success Hypnosis has a whole series of CD’s and I’m thinking of trying another one after the 60 days is up.

Oh, I should also mention, I’m really enjoying the walking I’ve been playing the exercise CD a few times a week too and have been looking forward to walking at least three times a week.  It’s no longer a chore, in fact half the time, I find the time to get out a fourth time during the week.  As winter approaches, I’m giving thought as to how I can continue this cause the thought of stopping just doesn’t work for me.   This is a nice side benefit, I’m not huffing when I climb more than a single flight of stairs and I feel great.  Looking a lot better too, or at least I think I do.

It doesn’t look like I’ll make the 20 pounds in 60 days but I’ll be close.  What’s more important is I’m doing it while sticking to my guns…  I’m not working at it, I’m not exerting any will power and just letting the pounds come of naturally.  To me, that’s more important than pushing myself to get to 20 on target because, for the first time, I know I’m going to reach my goal.

Oh, one other thing for me.  I tried listening at night and in the morning.  I think if I was the kind of person who had trouble falling asleep,  I would use it at night.  It’s so darn calming.  But for me, I have never had trouble falling asleep so I was nodding off before I was two minutes into the CD.   So, I’ve taken to listening first thing in the morning, and it get’s my day off to a great start.  I get to relax and listen to Margo’s soothing voice and just zone out for half an hour.  Then it’s up and on my way for the day.

So far, I’m sold that the process of self hypnosis is the only way for a weak willed fat guy to get the weight off and I’m sold that the Hypnotize Your Body series is as good a product as I could ever find.  I’m delighted with the level of support I’ve gotten and, at least for me, I know I made the right choice.

I’ll pop back in again at the 60 day mark and keep following up for at least another couple of months. In the mean time, keep the faith.




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Day 12: The Dark Knight Reveals a Surprise

Good morning, thanks for coming back.  To help those of you who haven’t read my previous bogs, I am 61 yrs old and 50 pounds overweight; I’m the classic weak willed fat guy.  Having failed at all other attempts to lose weight and keep it off, I decided to go on a quest to find a weight loss program that wouldn’t require any undue effort or sacrifice.  In the end I decided to try a self hypnosis weight loss program and, after doing my research, I chose the “Hypnotize Your Body” program from Success Hypnosis.  I’m using this blog as a journal of my experience.

Yesterday was a good day, my new attitude towards food seems to be continuing.  Still no urges I need to resist and I am still making choices, naturally, that involve healthier foods and smaller portions yet I do feel satisfied after I eat.   Still, that’s not the cool thing that happened yesterday.  I went to a matinee yesterday to watch The Dark Knight, and what a great movie it is.  It was everything it was cracked up to be and more.  I love going to the movie and always have the largest tub of popcorn and a diet cola.  As a kid I loved the bon-bons too but gave those up years ago along with Raisenettes and Good’n ‘n Plentys.  I might be tempted but unfortunately my credit card has a limit and getting all those at once would probably put me over the limit.  Anyway, I chose the regular size, a smaller tub, which is a first for me.  Still, that conscious choice, although I really didn’t want the large one, could simply have been me “trying” to have this weight loss program work so I’m not going to credit it to the self hypnosis CD.

What surprised me, is what happened next.  I am, by nature, a power eater.  I eat popcorn by the handful, not by the piece.  I’ve been criticized for eating too fast since I was a kid.  I grew up with two brothers and a sister and I think this started when I realized that “seconds” went to the first one to finish and Rice-a-Roni didn’t make enough seconds for everyone.   Anyway, I usually make short work of the popcorn, finishing it within the first few minutes of the show.  Yesterday, even though I was engrossed in the movie and was eating unconsciously,  about half way through the tub, I suddenly realized I was eating more slowly, piece by piece and actually chewing each one.  The tub didn’t come close to making it through the entire 2.5 hours but it did make it longer than an hour and, for me, that is unheard of.   What’s important here, is that this just happened,  I never told myself “ok eat more slowly” or “eat one piece at a time and slow down”.  I just sat down with my popcorn and proceeded to eat it while focusing all my attention on the screen.

This really pleased me because it was really the first indisuptible proof that the Hypnotize Your Body CD was working because i didn’t even know the change had occurred until well into the tub.  I’m a long way from success but yesterday represents a milestone of sorts to me.  Proof of a change in my unconscious behavoir in a clearly defined area of eating.  That’s it for today…



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Day 11: The Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Program Seems to be Working

Good morning, thanks for coming back.  To help those of you who haven’t read my previous bogs, I am 61 yrs old and 50 pounds overweight; I’m the classic weak willed fat guy.  Having failed at all other attempts to lose weight and keep it off, I decided to go on a quest to find a weight loss program that wouldn’t require any undue effort or sacrifice.  In the end I decided to try a self hypnosis weight loss program and, after doing my research, I chose the “Hypnotize Your Body” program from Success Hypnosis I’m using this blog as a journal of my experience.

Yesterday was an interesting day for my “not a diet”.  I repeated the “Curb Your Cravings & Feel Full Fast” CD.  Same for this morning.  I want to make sure this one is solid and don’t feel any obstacles or lack of motivation… yet.  The cravings have definitely diminished. Actually, let me be more specific.  It seems that they’re actually gone for the most part.  What used to be cravings, are more like thoughts but without much behind them.  I’ll try to explain what I mean because, at least to me, it’s interesting.

The evening has historically been the worst for me when it comes to eating.  Like I already described, I’m a grazer… just eating odd items be it chips or popcorn… hotdogs or leftovers.  If I make a dinner like spaghetti, I’ll snack on it from dinner to bedtime.  I get a craving for a few more bites so I take them, again and again.  Now, the thought “hmm am I hungry, should I get something to eat?” still occurs, but not as often.  What’s really different is that, there really isn’t any craving behind the question.  It seems to be more intellectual and less physical.  What’s more, when I consider it, the answer is coming back “nope.. not really hungry.”  When I do feel hungry, I am getting a lot more picky about what I eat and how much I take.

Last night, about 11 pm I got hungry.  I had a chicken breast for dinner (it totally satisfied my hunger at the time).  There was a lot of stuff around that I could have eaten.  Two or three peanunt butter sandwiches would have been the order of the day back when or a few hot dogs.  The only thing I could find that seemed to hit the spot was a bunch of baby carrots I had sitting around for a while.  I ate em with some ranch dressing for a dip and actually enjoyed it.   Lemme tell you, that is a big change for a PB&J and chili dog kind of guy.

I notice I’m also drinking quite a bit more water and iced tea (artifically sweetened).  I got through more of the CD yesterday and drinking more fluids was part of what was being said.  This morning, I didn’t make it all the way through again… the CD is just so darned relaxing and enjoyable.  I have to admit, it’s most pleasurable to take half an hour and to just listen to her soothing voice and relax.

So, I’m doing my best to make sure I’m not trying here.  I know I want this to work but, so far I’m being faithful to my pledge to not try.  I’ve considered eating things that would likely cause me to gain rather than lose and would if the spirit moved me.  In fact, I keep checking and considering but, at least so far, I just can’t muster the desire to go there.  This is a HUGE change from before when I would try my best to resist then, eventually give in.

I’m a long way from declaring victory but the initial signs are not only encouraging to me, but have me exploring new territory when it comes to my diet and, so far, it’s a natural transition and not something I am forcing.

I am going shopping today though, I need to have a bigger selection of foods for me to choose from.  The carrots are gone and I have no vegetables in the freezer.  I was thinking last night how good some steamed broccoli.  I will weight myself on Monday and report on progress or lack thereof.



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Day 10: I Try the First Weight Loss CD

Good morning, and thanks for coming back.  To help those of you who haven’t read my previous bogs, I am 61 yrs old and 50 pounds overweight. Having failed at all other attempts to lose weight and keep it off, I decided to go on a quest to find a weight loss program that wouldn’t require any undue effort or sacrifice.  In the end I decided to try a self hypnosis weight loss program and, after doing my research, I chose the “Hypnotize Your Body” program from Success Hypnosis.  I’m using this blog as a journal of my experience.

Well, the CD’s arrived in yesterday’s mail and they certainly met my expectations.  I guess I always have a bit of nervousness when buying over the internet from someone other than a large, well known source like or like that.  Anyway, Included was my three CD’s in a triple CD jewel case, obviously professionally produced and a very nice little glossy 6 page brochure containing 18 suggestions or helpful tips as to how to make the most of these CD’s.

Some of the suggestions are a repeat of commonly known things to do for proper nutrition and health but some are new…. to me anyway.  The idea of putting away the scale for a period of time is a new one on me and one I’m not going to heed simply because I want to let you know if I actually am able to lose weight without trying.   By the way, so far, since committing myself to the process of not trying, you’d be proud of how well I’ve done.  I haven’t even felt like trying once so I feel as if I’m on the right track.

I was also delighted to see, once again, the invitation to contact the company for support.  I didn’t expect a high degree of support since this is a “self-hypnosis” weight loss program but here’s what it says.  “If you have any questions about using our hypnosis CDs, please email us at xxxxx or call us at xxxxx. All questions are kept confidential and will be answered by an experienced Hypnotherapist specializing in weight loss.”

I am so used to being promised service then not getting it, it’s quite the surprise to find a company offering support they didn’t even advertise.

So, it was time to try the first one… I’d been anxiously awaiting the moment so I didn’t want to wait.  I arranged for some alone time with my wife and daughter sequestered myself in my office and put in the first one, the “Control Your Cravings & Feel Full Fast” CD, tilted back in my high backed executive type chair, put on my headsets and officially launched my new weight loss plan.

What an interesting experience!  Amazing is a better word for it.  I’ve never done hypnosis before so I really didn’t know what to expect but it was actually quite pleasant.  I can only recall about half the session as I was… I guess… asleep through the last half.  It was a very relaxing experience.  The hypnotist’s voice is incredibly soothing to listen to.   There’s some very nice background music and the whole sound is very pleasurable to listen to.  She’s definitely got a gift for it and it’s obviously a professionally mastered recording.  During the part I remember, my mind was clear but my body was relaxing more and more.  I noticed this most as I felt my jaw drop and my mouth open.  I’m glad no one was watching as I probably looked like an idiot.

I found my mind wandering a bit but the voice on the CD said that was ok and that I didn’t even have to listen to the words as my subconscious was going to be listening.  That was comforting and made the experience more enjoyable.  Anyway, most of what I do remember was the relaxing part so I can’t really tell you what was said about losing weight.  The next thing I remember is hearing the voice telling me that I was waking up and sure enough I was… so whatever she was doing must have worked to some degree as it ended the way it seemed like it was supposed to, with me waking up.  After the session, I felt good.  Even though it was only half an hour, I felt calm and rested and overall very good.  Next I went on with my day and just observed for any possible sign of the CD’s effect on my eating habits.

As I have said, I’m not going to “try” in the traditional sense on this weight loss program, I’m simply going to see what, if any changes occur.  I’m pleased to report that I did notice some positive differences and I attribute them to the session.   They were subtle to be sure, but they were also significant enough for me to know it wasn’t me accidently trying to “be on a diet.”

My particular eating habits are probably as bad as it gets.  I am normally the type of person who grazes more than eating formal meals and the evening is when I do most of my eating.  Some nights we do an official dinner and some nights we just eat out of the fridge and cupboards using the microwave.   Hot dogs are a staple as they take about 30 seconds to make and are great fun to eat.  We always keep some Chili without beans in the fridge as well to make chili dogs on order.

Well, last night, it turned out, was a night when we were going to be eating separately so it was up to me to decide what to make to eat. Normallly, I would have gone with 3 or 4 chili dogs or a couple of hamburgers (we keep frozen hamburger patties in the freezer – 3 minutes to make a hamburger).  I thought about it but it just didn’t sound good to me… I simply didn’t want either one.  That was very different indeed.  It wasn’t like I was supposed to resist them or anything like that, it just wasn’t what I wanted at the moment, a very natural decision but not what I would have expected from myself.  I tossed around a few other ideas, like a can of chili or making some spaghetti but they didn’t hit the spot either.  What did sound good to me was one of my tuna salads, lettuce, sliced tomato, can of tuna, canola oil, italian seasoning, black pepper, can of tuna in water (drained) and parmesian cheese.  I always enjoy eating them but they are a little more labor intensive than a bunch of chili dogs but last night, that is what I wanted to eat and it was great.

As the evening wore on, I found myself still having thoughts about grazing some more as commercials or other things triggered that old habit but I never could land on what might be good.  Popcorn, a usual sure thing again, just didn’t catch my fancy so I ended up going to bed without eathing anything else for the evening.  I just drank my iced tea and that was it.

For breakfast this morning, I went with my usual mini-wheats and 1% milk but took a smaller portion than I usually do.  I usually pour myself about 2 1/2 cups of cereal.  Today I guess I did about 1 cup.  It just seemed like the right amount.  Now, I’ve taken smaller portions before, more time than I care to remember, but it has always been a “should” rather than a “this looks about right” so that was a subtle difference.  More importantly, I usually have to resist having a second or even a third bowl but today, the one serving did the trick.  It’s been a few hours and I haven’t felt like I wanted something else.

Now, these don’t feel to me like huge changes but they are real differences and suggest to me that the CD did have some effect.   I sure don’t feel like I am being controlled or really any different at all though but I guess that’s what I’m looking for… positive change that doesn’t feel like change at all.

Still, one day does not a weight loss program make and I am far from through not trying on this one.   There is a world of fattening, greasy, sweet and delicious foods our there just waiting for me to not try to resist so I will press onward and report here.  Today I’m going to do the same CD again, for reinforcement, then tomorrow, I will move on to one of the others.

Oh.. one last thing… I am delighted to report that, so far… I’ve not been tempted to stick my hands in my arm pits, flap my imaginary wings and walk around the house clucking like a chicken… so I apparently dodged the bullet on that one too.



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Day 8: Awaiting Delivery of My Self-Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

Welcome back.  Nice to see you again. Well, my “Hypnotize Your Body” weight loss program CD’s should be showing up any day now and I can’t wait to get started.  I’ve already got myself psyched to get going but, remaining good to my word, I haven’t made any real changes in my eating habits while I await delivery.  I think I am being more thoughtful about how I feel and have cut back on what I would call “mindless eating” and I’ve gotten more aware of how I eat.  To catch you up if you missed my previous blogs, I have decided to try self-hypnosis to lose the extra 50 pounds I am carrying around since all else has failed. After much research, I settled on the “Hypnotize Your Body” program which is offered by Success Hypnosis.  Website is  I will report here on my success, or … heaven forbid, my failure.  I’ve laid out my personal rules in previous posts.

I’ve also done some thinking about being fat.  PS: I don’t use that word when describing my self to my friends.  To them, I’m just a little overweight.  Still, when I think about me, fat is the word that comes to mind.

There are two things that strike me most when I look in the mirror.  One is how old that guy in the mirror looks and two is that he’s fat.  I think the fat part is harder to live with.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to seeing the old man in the mirror.  It’s been that way for years but it also doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the fat part.  It really bothers me to see me in this shape and it depresses me that I have been unable to turn it around.

For the most part, I like who I am.  I love what I do and do it well, at least I think I do still, there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not aware I am fat and that is so troubling because I just haven’t been able to change my relationship with food and fitness to make it any different.   I am putting a lot of hope into this self-hypnosis weight loss program and, even though I am committed to not forcing change, I am more than ready for it.

Oh, I think I told you that I got an email from the folks at “Hypnotize Your Body” giving me things to do and providing me with a special email address and phone number for support, well,  Monday morning, I got another email from them confirming that the CD’s were shipped. I like the followup.

I’m ready for change. I’m ready to be thin.. well thinner… 38 waist Wranglers would be ok, 36’s would be awesome.  Please hurry up and come.



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Day 4: I’ve Decided – I’m Going with “Hypnotize Your Body”

Hey, thanks for coming back.  Well, so far the new weight loss program is going great!  Of course, all I’ve done since deciding to go with a self hypnosis program, is to cease my weight loss efforts and, I’ve been enormously successful at it.  I can tell you with absolute certainty, I am a heck of a lot better at “not trying” to lose weight than I am at trying to lose weight.  Actually, I think I’m getting myself in the mind set to allow things to happen naturally, which is exactly what I want to happen.  Apparently that process happens to involve consuming more, rather than less, barbecued chicken for dinner.  Oh well… so be it.  Besides, who doesn’t love barbecued chicken??? I mean.. come on!   And who doesn’t love home made potato salad with barbecue chicken?  My wife makes the BEST potato salad…. but I digress.

Well, the task of finding the right hypnosis weight loss CD was daunting to say the least.  Fortunately, as a journalist, I spend a lot of time online and I know my way around google quite well.  I’ve also spent thousands of hours researching a wide variety of industries, companies and people so I’ve gotten very capable of separating the “wheat from the chaff”.  What’s more, I am probably more skeptical than most since a lot of what I have done in the past is investigative type research.  So now, I’ve applied this well honed “”core competency” to the task of picking the best “weight loss through hypnosis” CD program for me.  After several hours of digging around and checking out websites, I have decided to go with the “Hypnotize Your Body” weight loss program published by Success Hypnosis.

So, here’s the process I used to make that particular choice, when there were so many to choose from.  The short answer is I used my incredible journalistic prowess plus some good old fashioned gut instinct… and as I’ve explained, when it comes to my “gut”, I have that in abundance.  As I was digging around, looking at all the sites, I found I could break them down into three basic categories.

  • People who were very impressed with themselves
  • People who really wanted to sell me something
  • People who seemed genuinely interested in helping people

Now, some people are really taken with celebrity, as if being a celebrity makes you somehow competent and important, or “better than”.  I am quite the opposite, I think gaining celebrity takes a lot of work and maintaining it just as much and someone who is spending a lot of time on being a celebrity has made it as high, if not a higher priority than being competent.  Take Dr. Phil for example.  Quite the celebrity but, as a psychologist/therapist , he totally sucks.  In fact, I am pretty sure his celebrity has diminished his competence as a therapist.  The way he put his quest for celebrity over the well being of Brittany Spears says it all.

Celebrities are a different breed, and I don’t want to get that involved with them.  That’s why I turned down Angelina Jolie when she pleaded with me to leave my wife and marry her.   Alright, I admit… it wasn’t Angelina, I was just kidding… actually it was Brad Pitt…  OK, enough foolishness, back to the subject at hand.  There were a few sites that I ruled out on the basis that they appeared to be too committed to their celebrity to be totally committed to their competency and, likewise, to my success. is the best example I can give.  She may be a competent hypnotist, but the site is a little to much about Wendi to suit my taste.  Call me selfish, but this quest of mine is all about me and I want the hypnotherapist I choose to give me the sense that they are genuinely interested in my success as well.   I also hate “popups” and presents me with one, as did a lot of other sites.  Any hypnotherapist who is so out of touch with reality as to not know that people hate popups, obviously lacks the qualities I demand of anyone I am going to let talk to my subconscious.

Another one I rejected was Dr. Kenneth Grossman’s hypnosisdietcenter.comAgain, here I found a site that was a little too much about Ken and not enough about me.  Another problem I had with this site is that Ken is a fat guy.  Why in the world would I want to have a fat guy hypnotize me in order for me to get thin?  It simply doesn’t make any sense at all.  If his CD’s are so darned good, why hasn’t he used them to lose some weight? Nope,  I’m going to have to take a pass on this celebrity type as well.

I rejected others because they didn’t introduce the principal and still others because they were more like just a place to buy stuff. was a site like that.  I want a little more than a menu, thank you very much.

The “Hypnotize Your Body” site was straight forward, it explained hypnosis in a way I could understand, was quite thorough in introducing me to the hypnotherapist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist named Margot Miles CHT, and offers a suite of CD’s that make a lot of sense to me.  For $59 (plus shipping at $6.95) I am getting a CD titled “Curb Your Cravings & Feel Full Fast”, one titled “Overcome Obstacles & Boost Motivation” and the third is titled “Fall in Love With Exercise!” The site where I ordered the CD’s was, but she has a “corporate” site as well.  It’s located at  I’m not trying to plug her CD’s here, and I’m not telling you to visit her site right now and buy the CD’s.   I will tell you over the next couple of weeks if I love it…. or not.

I made my choice first based upon the sense that Margot was competent and committed to my success, that she informed as well as sold her products and that her product meets my expectations of what I think I need to reach my goal, to lose weight without any undue effort.   These three CD’s, at least based upon their titles, seem to speak to that as clearly and totally as any I saw.  They also met my price expectations.  I saw some for a lot more and some for a lot less but at about $20 per CD, I’m down with that.

So, I took the plunge and put in my order and now I await my future.  So far, so good.  I just got an email from her, it came from Success Hypnosis, which I guess is another brand name she uses, and so far, I am pleased.  She not only thanked me for my order, she gave me 7 things I can do to prepare for the “changes you are about to experience.”  I won’t bother you with them but they all make good sense and, thankfully, they don’t take any undue effort on my part.   I’m sticking to my guns on that point.  This is going to succeed or fail not on how hard I try, or how dedicated I am to changing my eating habits,  it’s going to live or die on the program’s ability to make changes in my eating habits so that weight loss happens naturally.   I will listen to the CD’s as directed and really to want it to work.  That’s as much as I can promise.  Oh, another pleasant surprise came in the email as well.  I was provided with a special support email address and the site also has the company’s phone number.  The email invited me to contact them if I had any questions or concerns.  This is a very nice and professional touch.  Just based upon this email, my sense that Margot is committed to my success, has been reinforced.  A very good sign.

A final plus, the site provides me with a 60 guarantee.  If I’m not satisfied, I get my money back. Hard to beat that.

I’m feeling very excited now and can’t wait to get started.  But wait, based upon the email I just got, I have already started.  How about that, I’m on my new diet and doing perfectly so far. No slip-ups, no cheating.  I’m liking it better and better all the time.   I’ll keep you posted on developments.  Wish me well!



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Day 2: I Choose a Weight Loss Program

Welcome Back… good to see you again and thanks for dropping by.  Before making my final selection as to which weight loss program I am going to try first, I wanted to make sure I had my priorities straight and was making my choice based not upon hope, or a glossy ad campaign, or some false impression of my needs or my ability.

I think the most challenging part of this process was one I borrowed from the famous 12 step program, step #4.  I needed to make a “searching and fearless moral inventory of myself.”  It was from this fearless inventory that I came up with the recognition that inspired the title of this blog.  I pride myself on my character and my inner strength in most areas of my life but when it comes to food and diet, I am indeed a weak-willed fat guy. I feel much better admitting it actually,  I don’t feel nearly so alone for some reason.  Trying to force an unworkable diet on me, one that’s totally incompatible with who I am can be a very lonely feeling believe it or not.

From this, I came up with the criteria for this weight loss program and, as it turns out, they really aren’t rules at all. They are more just an acknowledgment and acceptance of who I am.   It finally dawned on me that the only weight loss program that is going to work for me, is one that doesn’t require me to work against the grain of who I am.  Rather than fit me into a weight loss program, this time I am going to find a weight loss program that fits into who I am.  To do otherwise is to court failure.  So, here are the criteria.

1 I need to be able to eat what I want, when I want.  If I don’t then I know I will just be biding my time until the diet is over so I can start eating again and that spells failure.  So this is a deal breaker as far as I am concerned.

2. It can’t take any time out of my already busy life.  I am willing to exercise more but only if it’s fun and I can find the time.  I would be kidding myself to expect that I suddenly would have the initiative and the time to exercise as much as I perhaps should.  I’ve tried getting into routines and it simply hasn’t lasted so I’m not going to expect that of myself either.

3. No meetings or sessions.

Boy, just reading that pretty much looks like a failure waiting to happen.  Still, other diets and weight loss programs I have tried have all failed for these very same reasons so why make another attempt if I already know the outcome based upon a very simple reality.  I have a very clearly defined set of behaviors and unless I can find a nutritional strategy to fit within them or somehow figure out how to change how I respond to food, then I might as well accept my fate.

This process has brought me to a very significant and pivotal place in my life.  For the first time ever, I think I finally get it.  Being fat isn’t about the food, it’s about me.  It’s not what I eat, its how much I eat and perhaps even more importantly still, it’s about WHY I eat.

It’s amazing but I suddenly feel a sense of relief.  It’s almost funny but I do, I feel a great sense of relief as I consider this new paradigm.  Take the focus off the food. Eliminate the whole thought process of having to give up something I love and suddenly I don’t feel so negative about it…. suddenly I feel hope begin to creep back into the concept of me starting a new weight loss program.  This is encouraging, let me tell you.

It’s pretty obvious to me that, if I’m going to head down the path of modifying my behavior, I need a plan and, since I don’t fancy the thought of having electrodes attached to sensitive parts of my body so shocks can be delivered every time I act improperly, I guess hypnosis would be the logical choice.

Ok… that settles it. hypnosis it is!! If I can just get rid of this mental picture of me running around the room, hands stuck in my arm pits and flapping my imaginary wings while clucking like a chicken…. Boy, talk about patterened responses… have a rational thought.. get a silly picture.

Well, since “no meetings or sessions” is one of the criteria, it looks like I’ll be going with a self-hypnosis program and quelle surprise, there are more than a few to choose from.  Ok, research I am good at.  I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know if I chose one.



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