Day 51: The Long Awaited Update – It’s Working

Good morning, thanks for coming back.  To help those of you who haven’t read my previous bogs, I am 62 yrs old (had a birthday in September) and 50 pounds overweight; I’m the classic weak willed fat guy.  Having failed at all other attempts to lose weight and keep it off, I decided to go on a quest to find a weight loss program that wouldn’t require any undue effort or sacrifice.  In the end I decided to try a self hypnosis weight loss program and, after doing my research, I chose the “Hypnotize Your Body” program from Success Hypnosis.  I’m using this blog as a journal of my experience.

First of all, let me apologize for taking so long to update ya’ll on my progress with my quest for easy weight loss.  I guess, I’m kinda weak willed about making sure I keep up with my journal as well.  You deserve better and I am sorry.

Overall, I am delighted to say that my quest for easy weight loss is working very well.  As of this morning, I’m down 14 lbs and have yet to have to apply any of my weak will to stay on course.   Here are some of the tangible differences I have noticed.  Keep in mind that I haven’t consciously “tried” to make any specific changes but I do have a strong desire to get this weight off.

My choice in the things I eat have changed considerably.  Primarily, I have stopped eating all evening long and munching on crackers, chips, hot dogs or whatever else I wanted.  Oh.. and that reminds me, for those of you who are popcorn eaters, did you know that Pop Weaver, the Wal Mart brand, contains Trans Fats?  I didn’t but I have started looking more at ingredients and that jumped out at me and got me off that brand, at least, until it gets rid of them.

Anyway, I digress.  I have increased the times I choose a salad or vegetables where otherwise I might have gone for 2 or 3 bratwurst.  Even though it’s getting more normal to my conscious mind, from time to time, I still marvel at how, when I open the refrigerator or a cupboard, I just process the information differently and come up with other choices.   With every other diet I have ever tried, I would start out gangbusters but within a week or so, I would be forcing myself to make the “right choice.”  Now, I’m just making better choices naturally, without having to think to myself… “OK, I’m on this diet… what can I get away with eating now?”  The difference is refreshing and encouraging.

I am also naturally taking smaller portions.  I’m pretty sure I could eat more if I wanted to but, when I am serving myself, it just seems right when the smaller portion is served.  Again, I don’t get the feeling like I am denying myself, I just don’t want as much.  I really like this part because, being weak willed, I like to have what I want.

I did discover a couple of things on the way to getting here.  First of all, I learned that, initially at least, I need to be consistent at listening every day or virtually every day.  That’s to say, I guess missing a day every couple of weeks doesn’t matter but you want to get in the habit of listening regularly until the new behavior is solidly established.

Being weak willed, and a guy, I figured after listening for the first week or so, that I was “fixed” so I didn’t need to listen anymore.  I don’t think I’m alone in this, I think guys like me just like to think we are in charge of pretty much everything, especially our incredibly powerful brains (NOT!).  Anyway, I had noticed some pretty nice changes in my behavior so I figured that was that and decided to putting that half an hour a day to some other good use, like watching TV.   That was great for about a week, but then I noticed little by little i was beginning to backslide just a little.

I called the number of Success Hypnosis (they got a new website working, looks great) and spoke with a lady named Margo.  Turns out she is the hypnotherapist and she explained to me that, since I had spent over 60 years building and perfecting this behavior, I needed to spend more than just a few sessions changing it and securing the new one.  She assured me that, once I had gotten the reprogramming ingrained it would be permenant and I wouldn’t have to listen to these CD’s for the rest of my life.  I asked her how long I should plan on the every day thing and she suggested 60 days.  Well, being I’m a guy and I have to maintain at least a little independence, this week I am cutting back to 4 times and will reduce again next week down to 3 times.  Truthfully, I feel like the project is done and I’ve got this new me doing the eating now but, like when the Doctor tells me to make sure I take the entire series of antibiotics, I’m gonna trust Margo’s recommendations…. almost anyway.   Turns out Success Hypnosis has a whole series of CD’s and I’m thinking of trying another one after the 60 days is up.

Oh, I should also mention, I’m really enjoying the walking I’ve been playing the exercise CD a few times a week too and have been looking forward to walking at least three times a week.  It’s no longer a chore, in fact half the time, I find the time to get out a fourth time during the week.  As winter approaches, I’m giving thought as to how I can continue this cause the thought of stopping just doesn’t work for me.   This is a nice side benefit, I’m not huffing when I climb more than a single flight of stairs and I feel great.  Looking a lot better too, or at least I think I do.

It doesn’t look like I’ll make the 20 pounds in 60 days but I’ll be close.  What’s more important is I’m doing it while sticking to my guns…  I’m not working at it, I’m not exerting any will power and just letting the pounds come of naturally.  To me, that’s more important than pushing myself to get to 20 on target because, for the first time, I know I’m going to reach my goal.

Oh, one other thing for me.  I tried listening at night and in the morning.  I think if I was the kind of person who had trouble falling asleep,  I would use it at night.  It’s so darn calming.  But for me, I have never had trouble falling asleep so I was nodding off before I was two minutes into the CD.   So, I’ve taken to listening first thing in the morning, and it get’s my day off to a great start.  I get to relax and listen to Margo’s soothing voice and just zone out for half an hour.  Then it’s up and on my way for the day.

So far, I’m sold that the process of self hypnosis is the only way for a weak willed fat guy to get the weight off and I’m sold that the Hypnotize Your Body series is as good a product as I could ever find.  I’m delighted with the level of support I’ve gotten and, at least for me, I know I made the right choice.

I’ll pop back in again at the 60 day mark and keep following up for at least another couple of months. In the mean time, keep the faith.




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  1. Jay Corbett

    anyone with an open mind to try out an alternative weight loss method can benefit from hypnosis

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