Day 11: The Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Program Seems to be Working

Good morning, thanks for coming back.  To help those of you who haven’t read my previous bogs, I am 61 yrs old and 50 pounds overweight; I’m the classic weak willed fat guy.  Having failed at all other attempts to lose weight and keep it off, I decided to go on a quest to find a weight loss program that wouldn’t require any undue effort or sacrifice.  In the end I decided to try a self hypnosis weight loss program and, after doing my research, I chose the “Hypnotize Your Body” program from Success Hypnosis I’m using this blog as a journal of my experience.

Yesterday was an interesting day for my “not a diet”.  I repeated the “Curb Your Cravings & Feel Full Fast” CD.  Same for this morning.  I want to make sure this one is solid and don’t feel any obstacles or lack of motivation… yet.  The cravings have definitely diminished. Actually, let me be more specific.  It seems that they’re actually gone for the most part.  What used to be cravings, are more like thoughts but without much behind them.  I’ll try to explain what I mean because, at least to me, it’s interesting.

The evening has historically been the worst for me when it comes to eating.  Like I already described, I’m a grazer… just eating odd items be it chips or popcorn… hotdogs or leftovers.  If I make a dinner like spaghetti, I’ll snack on it from dinner to bedtime.  I get a craving for a few more bites so I take them, again and again.  Now, the thought “hmm am I hungry, should I get something to eat?” still occurs, but not as often.  What’s really different is that, there really isn’t any craving behind the question.  It seems to be more intellectual and less physical.  What’s more, when I consider it, the answer is coming back “nope.. not really hungry.”  When I do feel hungry, I am getting a lot more picky about what I eat and how much I take.

Last night, about 11 pm I got hungry.  I had a chicken breast for dinner (it totally satisfied my hunger at the time).  There was a lot of stuff around that I could have eaten.  Two or three peanunt butter sandwiches would have been the order of the day back when or a few hot dogs.  The only thing I could find that seemed to hit the spot was a bunch of baby carrots I had sitting around for a while.  I ate em with some ranch dressing for a dip and actually enjoyed it.   Lemme tell you, that is a big change for a PB&J and chili dog kind of guy.

I notice I’m also drinking quite a bit more water and iced tea (artifically sweetened).  I got through more of the CD yesterday and drinking more fluids was part of what was being said.  This morning, I didn’t make it all the way through again… the CD is just so darned relaxing and enjoyable.  I have to admit, it’s most pleasurable to take half an hour and to just listen to her soothing voice and relax.

So, I’m doing my best to make sure I’m not trying here.  I know I want this to work but, so far I’m being faithful to my pledge to not try.  I’ve considered eating things that would likely cause me to gain rather than lose and would if the spirit moved me.  In fact, I keep checking and considering but, at least so far, I just can’t muster the desire to go there.  This is a HUGE change from before when I would try my best to resist then, eventually give in.

I’m a long way from declaring victory but the initial signs are not only encouraging to me, but have me exploring new territory when it comes to my diet and, so far, it’s a natural transition and not something I am forcing.

I am going shopping today though, I need to have a bigger selection of foods for me to choose from.  The carrots are gone and I have no vegetables in the freezer.  I was thinking last night how good some steamed broccoli.  I will weight myself on Monday and report on progress or lack thereof.




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