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Day 4: I’ve Decided – I’m Going with “Hypnotize Your Body”

Hey, thanks for coming back.  Well, so far the new weight loss program is going great!  Of course, all I’ve done since deciding to go with a self hypnosis program, is to cease my weight loss efforts and, I’ve been enormously successful at it.  I can tell you with absolute certainty, I am a heck of a lot better at “not trying” to lose weight than I am at trying to lose weight.  Actually, I think I’m getting myself in the mind set to allow things to happen naturally, which is exactly what I want to happen.  Apparently that process happens to involve consuming more, rather than less, barbecued chicken for dinner.  Oh well… so be it.  Besides, who doesn’t love barbecued chicken??? I mean.. come on!   And who doesn’t love home made potato salad with barbecue chicken?  My wife makes the BEST potato salad…. but I digress.

Well, the task of finding the right hypnosis weight loss CD was daunting to say the least.  Fortunately, as a journalist, I spend a lot of time online and I know my way around google quite well.  I’ve also spent thousands of hours researching a wide variety of industries, companies and people so I’ve gotten very capable of separating the “wheat from the chaff”.  What’s more, I am probably more skeptical than most since a lot of what I have done in the past is investigative type research.  So now, I’ve applied this well honed “”core competency” to the task of picking the best “weight loss through hypnosis” CD program for me.  After several hours of digging around and checking out websites, I have decided to go with the “Hypnotize Your Body” weight loss program published by Success Hypnosis.

So, here’s the process I used to make that particular choice, when there were so many to choose from.  The short answer is I used my incredible journalistic prowess plus some good old fashioned gut instinct… and as I’ve explained, when it comes to my “gut”, I have that in abundance.  As I was digging around, looking at all the sites, I found I could break them down into three basic categories.

  • People who were very impressed with themselves
  • People who really wanted to sell me something
  • People who seemed genuinely interested in helping people

Now, some people are really taken with celebrity, as if being a celebrity makes you somehow competent and important, or “better than”.  I am quite the opposite, I think gaining celebrity takes a lot of work and maintaining it just as much and someone who is spending a lot of time on being a celebrity has made it as high, if not a higher priority than being competent.  Take Dr. Phil for example.  Quite the celebrity but, as a psychologist/therapist , he totally sucks.  In fact, I am pretty sure his celebrity has diminished his competence as a therapist.  The way he put his quest for celebrity over the well being of Brittany Spears says it all.

Celebrities are a different breed, and I don’t want to get that involved with them.  That’s why I turned down Angelina Jolie when she pleaded with me to leave my wife and marry her.   Alright, I admit… it wasn’t Angelina, I was just kidding… actually it was Brad Pitt…  OK, enough foolishness, back to the subject at hand.  There were a few sites that I ruled out on the basis that they appeared to be too committed to their celebrity to be totally committed to their competency and, likewise, to my success.

Wendi.com is the best example I can give.  She may be a competent hypnotist, but the site is a little to much about Wendi to suit my taste.  Call me selfish, but this quest of mine is all about me and I want the hypnotherapist I choose to give me the sense that they are genuinely interested in my success as well.   I also hate “popups” and Wendi.com presents me with one, as did a lot of other sites.  Any hypnotherapist who is so out of touch with reality as to not know that people hate popups, obviously lacks the qualities I demand of anyone I am going to let talk to my subconscious.

Another one I rejected was Dr. Kenneth Grossman’s hypnosisdietcenter.comAgain, here I found a site that was a little too much about Ken and not enough about me.  Another problem I had with this site is that Ken is a fat guy.  Why in the world would I want to have a fat guy hypnotize me in order for me to get thin?  It simply doesn’t make any sense at all.  If his CD’s are so darned good, why hasn’t he used them to lose some weight? Nope,  I’m going to have to take a pass on this celebrity type as well.

I rejected others because they didn’t introduce the principal and still others because they were more like just a place to buy stuff.  Hypnosisdownloads.com was a site like that.  I want a little more than a menu, thank you very much.

The “Hypnotize Your Body” site was straight forward, it explained hypnosis in a way I could understand, was quite thorough in introducing me to the hypnotherapist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist named Margot Miles CHT, and offers a suite of CD’s that make a lot of sense to me.  For $59 (plus shipping at $6.95) I am getting a CD titled “Curb Your Cravings & Feel Full Fast”, one titled “Overcome Obstacles & Boost Motivation” and the third is titled “Fall in Love With Exercise!” The site where I ordered the CD’s was http:www.successhypnosis.com/weight-loss, but she has a “corporate” site as well.  It’s located at http://www.successhypnosis.com.  I’m not trying to plug her CD’s here, and I’m not telling you to visit her site right now and buy the CD’s.   I will tell you over the next couple of weeks if I love it…. or not.

I made my choice first based upon the sense that Margot was competent and committed to my success, that she informed as well as sold her products and that her product meets my expectations of what I think I need to reach my goal, to lose weight without any undue effort.   These three CD’s, at least based upon their titles, seem to speak to that as clearly and totally as any I saw.  They also met my price expectations.  I saw some for a lot more and some for a lot less but at about $20 per CD, I’m down with that.

So, I took the plunge and put in my order and now I await my future.  So far, so good.  I just got an email from her, it came from Success Hypnosis, which I guess is another brand name she uses, and so far, I am pleased.  She not only thanked me for my order, she gave me 7 things I can do to prepare for the “changes you are about to experience.”  I won’t bother you with them but they all make good sense and, thankfully, they don’t take any undue effort on my part.   I’m sticking to my guns on that point.  This is going to succeed or fail not on how hard I try, or how dedicated I am to changing my eating habits,  it’s going to live or die on the program’s ability to make changes in my eating habits so that weight loss happens naturally.   I will listen to the CD’s as directed and really to want it to work.  That’s as much as I can promise.  Oh, another pleasant surprise came in the email as well.  I was provided with a special support email address and the site also has the company’s phone number.  The email invited me to contact them if I had any questions or concerns.  This is a very nice and professional touch.  Just based upon this email, my sense that Margot is committed to my success, has been reinforced.  A very good sign.

A final plus, the site provides me with a 60 guarantee.  If I’m not satisfied, I get my money back. Hard to beat that.

I’m feeling very excited now and can’t wait to get started.  But wait, based upon the email I just got, I have already started.  How about that, I’m on my new diet and doing perfectly so far. No slip-ups, no cheating.  I’m liking it better and better all the time.   I’ll keep you posted on developments.  Wish me well!



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