Day 12: The Dark Knight Reveals a Surprise

Good morning, thanks for coming back.  To help those of you who haven’t read my previous bogs, I am 61 yrs old and 50 pounds overweight; I’m the classic weak willed fat guy.  Having failed at all other attempts to lose weight and keep it off, I decided to go on a quest to find a weight loss program that wouldn’t require any undue effort or sacrifice.  In the end I decided to try a self hypnosis weight loss program and, after doing my research, I chose the “Hypnotize Your Body” program from Success Hypnosis.  I’m using this blog as a journal of my experience.

Yesterday was a good day, my new attitude towards food seems to be continuing.  Still no urges I need to resist and I am still making choices, naturally, that involve healthier foods and smaller portions yet I do feel satisfied after I eat.   Still, that’s not the cool thing that happened yesterday.  I went to a matinee yesterday to watch The Dark Knight, and what a great movie it is.  It was everything it was cracked up to be and more.  I love going to the movie and always have the largest tub of popcorn and a diet cola.  As a kid I loved the bon-bons too but gave those up years ago along with Raisenettes and Good’n ‘n Plentys.  I might be tempted but unfortunately my credit card has a limit and getting all those at once would probably put me over the limit.  Anyway, I chose the regular size, a smaller tub, which is a first for me.  Still, that conscious choice, although I really didn’t want the large one, could simply have been me “trying” to have this weight loss program work so I’m not going to credit it to the self hypnosis CD.

What surprised me, is what happened next.  I am, by nature, a power eater.  I eat popcorn by the handful, not by the piece.  I’ve been criticized for eating too fast since I was a kid.  I grew up with two brothers and a sister and I think this started when I realized that “seconds” went to the first one to finish and Rice-a-Roni didn’t make enough seconds for everyone.   Anyway, I usually make short work of the popcorn, finishing it within the first few minutes of the show.  Yesterday, even though I was engrossed in the movie and was eating unconsciously,  about half way through the tub, I suddenly realized I was eating more slowly, piece by piece and actually chewing each one.  The tub didn’t come close to making it through the entire 2.5 hours but it did make it longer than an hour and, for me, that is unheard of.   What’s important here, is that this just happened,  I never told myself “ok eat more slowly” or “eat one piece at a time and slow down”.  I just sat down with my popcorn and proceeded to eat it while focusing all my attention on the screen.

This really pleased me because it was really the first indisuptible proof that the Hypnotize Your Body CD was working because i didn’t even know the change had occurred until well into the tub.  I’m a long way from success but yesterday represents a milestone of sorts to me.  Proof of a change in my unconscious behavoir in a clearly defined area of eating.  That’s it for today…




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